Penis Enlargement Exercises

There exist few men who have never thought about enlarging their penis. The average penis size of most men is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. Many men however are not fully satisfied with this size because they feel it is inadequate. It is for this reason that many men choose to search for various methods to enlarge their penis. This may be done in many different ways some more sensible than others.

Although a large number of men are always trying to find effective ways to increase the size of their penis, most of these men do not want to end up spending a large amount of money trying various methods and devices on the market that end up not working. This is the very reason that a majority of people prefer finding free natural penis enlargement techniques that can effectively provide them with the increase in size that they are looking to find.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through various types of exercises that are designed especially for the male penis. It is a free and natural way to benefit from an increased penis size without spending any money. Just as every other muscle of the body can benefit a great deal from various forms of exercise, this is also true of the penile area of the male body.

There are many different exercises which a man can perform that are thought to be effective in increasing the size of a man’s penis anywhere from one to three inches.

Some of the most common penis enlargement exercises include the following:

  • Ballooning
  • Weight hanging
  • (milking)


The key to ballooning is to last longer during sexual activities. This massage technique increases the blood flow in the penis. The more blood which is trapped within the penile region during erection the harder and longer lasting the erection will be. This also helps to increase penis size as well although it does take time and practice to achieve.

Weight Hanging

This method of exercise uses weights and stretching exercises to increase the tissue mass of the penis itself. This must be done frequently to be effective. Over time the body reacts to these stretching exercises with an increase in size due to the frequent stretching of the penis.

Jelquing (milking)

This method requires the use of both hands and uses motions similar to milking a cow. The object is to stretch the penile tissue. When done regularly, this exercise can add one to three inches to the length of the penis.
When performing any type of penis enlargement exercise that involves stretching it is important to remember not to stretch to the point of hurting. The best results include stretching to the most comfortable limits just before the point of pain. While it often takes time to see results using these methods they are the most natural method of penis enlargement.

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