Have You Found Yourself Saying I Want To Quit Smoking?

Thousands of people wake up every morning with the same thought on their mind, “I want to quit smoking.” Every day the thought might be there, but often that is all it ends up to be; a thought.

There are lots of reasons why you should consider quitting smoking. The biggest reason, if not for your health is the cost. The price of cigarettes has skyrocketed in recent years and it seems such a waste to pay the prohibitive cost of a pack of cigarettes when your money could be better spent elsewhere. What used to be a cheap vice has turned into an embarrassing and expensive habit.

What’s that Smell?

Smokers don’t realize how their habit affects others. Smokers don’t seem to be able to smell how tobacco smoke permeates their clothing, hair, vehicles and homes. People that don’t smoke can smell a smoker a mile away and they can tell you flat out, “It isn’t pretty.” For all the expensive perfumes, deodorants and shampoos you may drench yourself with, you will still have the unmistakable stench of tobacco smoke around you.

Consider Your Health

If the ridiculously high price of cigarettes is of no concern to you, nor your odor when you meet new people, you might think of quitting because of your health. There are reams of research covering every aspect of why smoking is bad for your health. It can cause cancers, respiratory diseases, sinus problems and can contribute to your acid reflux disease too.

If you are a parent, your biggest concern should be to stay alive to raise your children. Smokers know they are living on borrowed time. Those who have smoked at least a pack a day for decades have come to realize that if they want to dance with their children at their wedding and have the unmatched joy of holding their grandchild in their arms, there has to come a time when they must seriously quit smoking.

Consider Your Children’s Health

If you won’t quit smoking to save a bundle, smell better to others, or you have no cares about your health, if you are a parent your children’s good health should be paramount. There has been much research done on the dangers of second hand smoke. Just as you wouldn’t throw your child in front of a speeding car, by smoking you are killing them slowly every time you light a cigarette.

So Why Can’t You Quit?

It is well documented that smoking isn’t just another annoying habit, it is a real addiction. Those who want to quit smoking usually can’t do it alone. There are various methods available that can aid you in your quest to quit smoking. You can choose from such methods as hypnotism, nicotine gum or patches to name a few of the techniques that have been known to help people quit smoking. There are many new products that are becoming available to the average consumer that need no prescription that can help you finally get that monkey called cigarettes off your back for good. It only takes a moment to decide to quit, so take that moment.

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