Steps to Quit Smoking Fast

You know that quitting smoking isn’t going to be easy. You need to mentally prepare yourself and have various tools in place to help you get through some of the worst of it. There are steps you can follow that will give you a fighting chance against your tobacco and nicotine addiction.

Step #1- Pick the Day

When you decide you are ready to give up your cigarettes, the first thing you will need to do is to choose a day you will stop smoking. Not only will you need to choose the day, you will have to stick with your decision. No more, maybe tomorrows or I am just not ready. Choose a date and stick to it and you will be on your way to quitting the habit.

Step #2-Keep Yourself Occupied

Keeping your mind and your body busy in the first few weeks of quitting smoking is another key factor in sticking to your plan. Not only will your mind be missing the effects of nicotine, your hands and mouth will too. You can ensure that you don’t smoke by chewing gum, sucking on lollipops or hard candy and you can keep your hands busy doing a variety of tasks that you have long let slip. The key is to stay active; perhaps this is the perfect time to get back into shape. Joining the gym may be just the distraction you need to take you through those first tough weeks without a cigarette.

Step #3-Keep Well Hydrated

Adding more fluids to your diet is always recommended, especially when the fluid is water. Try and stay away from calorie laden drinks such as sodas and sugary juices. Caffeine and alcohol may be triggers for you to smoke, so you are advised to stay away from these two beverages until you have gotten your cravings under control.

Step #4-Think Positive

Every time your cravings threaten to overtake you, focus on the positive benefits of your quitting smoking. Tell yourself you will save money and be able to buy more things for you to enjoy. Give yourself a pep talk about how important quitting is to regaining your good health. If you have children, bring to mind how much they need you to stay around to help them grow up and all the damage you are doing to them physically by your smoking habit. Keeping a bright outlook and all the benefits in the forefront of your mind you will enjoy from stopping smoking can be a great motivator when you are feeling the need for a little extra boost.

Step #5-Change your Routine

Though nicotine is an addiction, there are many cigarettes the average smoker partakes of out of sheer habit. Many find they smoke more when they are on the phone. If you are one of these people, limit your phone conversations until the cravings have left you. If you smoke a cigarette after a meal, get up and take a walk instead. You can substitute much healthier activities for those that used to be triggers for you to smoke. No doubt quitting smoking is tough, but so are you and you can follow these steps to help you on your way to a newer, smoke free life.

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